What is Raw Food?

Here are several answers to the question, "What is raw food?"

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When talking to people about raw food, invariably the question arises, “What is raw food all about?” Anyone who is concerned about the quality of their food and their diet will look at the benefits of raw foods.

The quick answer to the question of “What is raw food” is a food that has not been heated to about 115º F.  A quick way to tell if you are eating raw food is knowing that any food that has EVER been cooked, pasteurized, baked, steamed, sauteed, broiled, fried, grilled, microwaved, is NOT raw food. No matter what the temperature the food is at the moment, if it has been heated, it's not raw food.

There has been an ongoing concern among those who are health-conscious of wanting whole, unprocessed food as much as possible. Raw food is as unprocessed as you can get! Add in the organic factor, which means the food was grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers,  you are consuming foods in their natural state.

Here are a few answers to the question of what exactly IS raw food. Some of the answers may surprise you.

Raw Food is... Natural Food

When you see the words “100% Natural” on the label of food products you expect it to be what it claims. To be truly “100% Natural,” the food would have to be unprocessed and intact the way it was grown. Any food that has been processed with heat is NOT in its natural state. In high school, I remember learning that a chemical change always occurs with the addition of heat. Heating food chemically alters the composition of the food. Raw food is totally natural, never altered.

With the benefits of being totally natural food, comes more answers to the question, "What is raw food?"

Raw Food is … Nutritious Food

The vitamins, minerals and amino acids that certain foods are prized for are present in raw food. Once these same foods are heated, these important nutrients are cooked.  You have heard the term "nuked" when microwaving, I just avoid microwaves as I do not want to "nuke" my food. 

Get all of the nutrition that you pay for by eating your foods raw.

Raw Food is... Easy to Digest!

The enzymes that are protected by raw foods are the same ones that help our body digest food. These essential enzymes are necessary for digestion and are killed at temperatures above 115º F.  Forget your digestive supplements and just eat the raw food with the live enzymes.

Raw Food is... Beauty Food

Want to look younger, thinner and feel better? Then eat raw food! People who switch to a raw food diet often seem to visibly roll back the years revealing younger looking skin and often trim bodies. Check out the page Organic Raw Food for Beauty for more information about the beauty of organic food.

Raw Food is... Skinny Food!

Raw food is so full of nutrients and when you are eating raw foods, you are actually feeding your cells. You may eat less, but still feel satisfied when you eat raw food. Also, the raw food will be easily digested, which will not contribute to weight gain. A raw food diet may be the best weight-loss plan yet.  For more information about raw and skinny, see this page on raw food diet weight loss.

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