Organic Raw Food For Beauty!

Learn how organic raw food for beauty will benefit you from the inside out. Healthy is truly beautiful!

The following is a guest post by Cindi Lewis. Cindi writes for an organic skincare and beauty products online retailer.

The benefits of organic raw foods have been found to be numerous by nutritionists and scientists alike. Just within the past several decades new studies on these raw organic foods have been conducted and have found these foods to be hugely beneficial in the areas of digestion, skin, hair, weight, removing toxins and free radicals, as well as overall health. To get to the root of the answer why these organic raw food for beauty affetst your skin, we must first look at why food that isn't raw and organic doesn't provide the same results.


With the added awareness in nutrition and chemical dangers to the human body, the substances used on traditionally farmed produce have been studied and linked to a multitude of conditions including cancers. When traditional farming methods are used, it is common- and in fact is seen as necessary- to spray potentially hazardous chemicals on the produce to kill insects that would otherwise damage the food. These pesticides stay on the fruit or vegetable, and are also absorbed into the produce item itself. In turn, it is ingested by the human who eats it where it can cause damage to the body. Organic crops are grown without the use of pesticides, and so there are none to be ingested when it is eaten.

Genetically Engineered Foods

Not only are there pesticides to worry about- many typical foods are now genetically engineered (GE) to be more weather resistant, grow to bigger sizes, have more vibrant colors, and other reasons. While the scientists behind these GE foods have assured the public they are perfectly safe for consumption, the truth is there have been no long term studies on possible side effects caused by the consumption of these foods. Again, organic raw foods are never genetically engineered or modified so the benefits of organic raw food are more pronounced.

In dairy and meat products that are not organic you can find residual amounts of steroids and antibiotics given to the cattle or other livestock that has passed through to the milk or into the meat. This has been linked to humans increased resistance to the medicinal antibiotics used to fight illness and disease. The steroids have been blamed for the early ages which children are now experiencing puberty.

When you remove these dangerous aspects of our food- like organics do- you are left with pure, wholesome nutrition that the body easily digests and with no harmful side effects. This allows the body to grow and thrive in the healthy way it is intended to do. The overall health is just one of the many benefits of an organic raw diet. We must expect that organic raw food for beauty free of toxins and dangerous chemicals would reflect beneficially on an individual's skin, as the health within the body is often shown by the appearance of the skin.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and like the body's other organs, its health depends upon what you put into it. When you eat food that is lacking in nutrition and high in substances that your body cannot digest or process your skin will often develop acne or blemishes. The first step in healthy skin is a healthy body and healthy diet.

Raw vs. Cooked

So now we know why organic raw food for beauty helps the skin- but why is it that the benefits of organic raw diet outweigh those of a traditional cooked diet? Even organic food will lose many of the vitamins and minerals that are so important in bodily health when cooked. It is a known fact that raw foods contain more vitamins and minerals than foods that are cooked. Our bodies more easily absorb these components when they are eaten with food as opposed to in a pill form; the solution is a raw diet. The benefits of a diet of organic raw food provides your body with unparalleled nutrition that will reflect positively on your skin's appearance and in your overall health.

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