10 Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Here are 10 benefits of a raw food diet. These benefits of a raw food diet have been reported by those who make it a practice of adding raw foods to their diet...

1. Superior nutrition – If you want to give your family the nutrition they deserve, adding in as much raw foods will give you more nutrition to your diet. If you want to limit the amount of processed foods, table salt, white flour, white sugar, trans fats, artificial additives, MSG and any other common toxins found in the Standard American Diet, add in more whole raw foods. Superior nutrition, totally natural, is only one of the many raw food diet benefits available to all who decide to eat this way. This natural diet, free from man-made additives and preservatives, provides optional nutrition with many added bonuses.

2. Weight Loss – One of the most popular benefits of a raw food diet is that it can help with weight loss.  A diet consisting of whole raw foods is one of the best ways to naturally lose weight as these foods boost your metabolism.  One of the many raw food diet benefits is that you can eat as much as you desire, as long as it is raw. This is the diet to eat and really live, just a skinner YOU.

3. Youthful Appearance – One of the most frequently reported benefits of a raw food diet is that of a glowing and youthful appearance. After a few months of eating raw foods, the skin looks better. Some have reported wrinkles disappearing after being on raw foods for some time. Many times, those on a raw food diet look younger than their chronological age.

4. More energy – Eating raw foods can give you more energy. Since your body is relieved of neutralizing the toxins of cooked foods, it is free to channel that energy into YOU. Eating raw food is the secret to some athletes to help them have the energy they need. Even if you are not an athlete, extra energy in your daily life is a big bonus.

5. Improved Digestion – The digestive system may be the most important system of the body. It is the digestion system that is responsible for taking the food we eat and breaking it down to nourish every one of our cells. If the digestive system is not working at peak efficiency, our bodies are not being nourished properly. The natural enzymes that are abundant in raw living foods have been placed there to enhance digestion. It is to our entire body's health and wellness to utilize these raw enzymes for enhanced digestion.

6. Clear Mind – Clarity of thought is an important benefit of the raw food diet since the mind and the body are linked in an inexplicable way. Feeding your body the nutrition that it needs will result in your mind operating at peak performance. Studies have shown that some foods such as bananas, are known as “brain foods.” Putting your body on a raw diet automatically increases the amount of superfoods in your diet and as an effect, helps “clear the cobwebs” from your brain.

7. Better Health – Raw foods can be a part of a vibrant and thriving healthful lifestyle. There are many raw diet testimonials about how a raw diet has dramatically changed people's health.  Victoria Boutenkos, author and educator  produced this video, 'Reversing the Irreversible' discusses the benefits of eating a raw diet.

8. Better Sex Drive – Another raw food diet benefit is an increased libido. Although this may be a side effect resulting from all of the other raw food diet benefits, it can be a nice extra benefit. An effect of looking better, feeling better, having your self-esteem boost and diminishing health problems all contributes to feeling better yourself, which attracts others.

9. Better Sleep – Sleep is a most important for so many of life's processes. The only time your body can start to heal is when it has time to rest. Some will say that on a raw diet they can sleep more deeply and wake up refreshed and energetic. Others report that while eating a raw diet they don't need to sleep as much.

10. Longevity – Longevity of life may be the end result and is definitely one of the benefits of a raw food diet. Eating raw food may actually increase our lifespan. Even if the raw diet does not add years to our life, it will add life to our years. Although we cannot stop the passage of time, a raw diet can give us increased health so that although we are chronologically older, our bodies will look and feel much younger than those those on a cooked food diet. The raw diet can slow down the natural aging process and perhaps add years, healthy, vibrant and enjoyable years to our life.

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