A Raw Food Diet Review by a Mom!

Looking for an unbiased raw food diet review? Here is one where a mother shares her thoughts on how a raw food diet and even organic raw food has changed her family.

The following raw food diet review has been graciously submitted by Kar Strout.

As a mother of two, my kids’ health has always been my top priority but they haven’t always shared that concern- especially when it comes to their diets. But when my kids returned from The Oliverian School, a holistic boarding school in New Hampshire, USA, this past summer I was incredibly pleased to discover that they had developed some really healthy habits. Most of the habits I had been trying to push for years, but one was strange and completely alien to me – a raw food diet. Their raw food diet review was both interesting and glowing.

I’ve always promoted healthy eating, but never even considered pushing raw food on my children. And although it seemed a bit weird to me, I was willing to give it a try because of my kids’ reports about how much it had improved their everyday energy. I had also recently started a online masters degree program that led me to lead a far more sedentary lifestyle than I was used to, so I figured this would help me reduce my caloric intake.

After completing quite a bit of online research and checking some books out of the library, I started to incorporate the raw food diet into our daily eating plans and I am happy to report that I couldn’t be happier with the results! My kids and I have really noticed the benefits to eating raw food, and now I think it’s a diet that everyone should try.

Here are the top five benefits we have discovered from having a raw food diet:

More Energy

We all have so much more energy since embarking on a raw food diet. I no longer get that lethargic feeling after eating a meal and instead always end up feeling energetic and raring to go!

My kids always used to crash around mid-afternoon but since starting the raw food diet they now have enough energy to carry them through into the evening. Rather than vegging out in front of the TV, they now spend much more time playing sports and being more active in general.

Weight Loss

Although my kids didn’t lose any weight on the raw food diet (as they were at a healthy weight to begin with), I have lost so much weight! After having two kids and spending the majority of my days slouched at the computer studying, my weight ballooned.

However, my excess weight just seemed to melt away almost immediately after I began our new diet. After trying so many “quick fix” diets in the past, I had almost given up on ever being able to lose weight, but the raw food diet has really helped me get into much better shape.

Cost Effective

Some diets can get very expensive, especially if you need costly ingredients or diet powders etc. However, our raw food diet has proven to be really cost effective!

We do tend to buy organic, which is a bit pricier than regular fruit and veggies, but other than that we have seen our grocery bills reduce dramatically since embarking on this new eating lifestyle. I also don’t have to use the gas stove or oven nearly as much which has naturally helped out my utility bills!

Clearer Skin

As my kids transitioned into puberty, they were starting to get some major breakouts. But since the raw food diet their skin has almost completely cleared up! This has saved me a fortune on dermatologist visits and they both feel so much more confident now that they have clearer skin.

In addition, I have noticed a really healthy glow develop in my own skin since starting the raw food diet. People are always complimenting me and I have to put it down to my new found healthy eating habits!

It’s Delicious!

Eating a predominantly raw diet may sound far from appealing. However, if you invest in a few raw food cookbooks or simply research recipes online, you will be amazed at how tasty these dishes are! I definitely have to be creative with my recipes, but overall I have been really surprised at how delicious our meals have been.

A raw food diet doesn’t have to be boring or disgusting. I have found it to have phenomenal health benefits and my family has never looked or felt better! I couldn’t recommend it more highly! I will close this raw food diet review with this: Just remember to keep an open mind when it comes to this diet and good luck!

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