Raw Minerals — The Best in Mineral Nutrition

Raw minerals are naturally paired with raw vitamins for the most healthy vitamin supplements.

What is a Mineral?

Before concerning yourself with raw minerals, the question that first needs to be addressed is, “What is a mineral?”

The most basic answer to that question is a mineral is a necessary, nutritious metal. Your body needs these metals in order to live and function. It should come as no surprise that our bodies need metals because electrical currents flow all throughout our bodies. So naturally, metals, nutritious ones that are called “minerals,” are needed for life.

Your body cannot produce minerals, yet these same metals are very important for your health, wellness and life. Minerals are catalysts. They take the nutrients that you get from food and “make them work.” Vitamins, even raw vitamins cannot function without the presence of minerals.

Some of the ways that your body needs and uses minerals are for tissue growth, to regulate your nervous system, maintain oxygen transport to your cells, help your heart beat, make your blood to clot and regulate the fluids in your body.

Raw Metals for Eating?

To the nutritionist, the term raw minerals does not have the same meaning as to a geologist. Nevertheless, the concept of these raw and vital metals is important, especially if you feel you need a mineral supplement.

You do not try to attempt chewing a rock for its iron content or gnawing on a piece of oyster shell for calcium. Rather, these minerals are those that are already processed quite effectively by PLANTS, so that humans can easily assimilate these nutritious metals.

The initial source of all minerals is NOT food. Humans cannot digest or use raw rocks or raw metals. But plants easily, even happily, digest mineral-rich rocks and soil. Plants are continually extracting minerals from the ground and processing these minerals for their own nutritional needs. The term “raw minerals” means mineral-rich, predigested plant nutrients ready to nourish humans. Since the plants already did the hard part of breaking down the rocks to digest the minerals, the minerals in the plants are totally bio-available to the cells of the human body.

Some plants are higher in certain minerals than others. This is because certain plants prefer and need different amounts of certain minerals. Spinach is high in iron since it needs, extracts and utilizes more iron from the soil than compared to apples.

Raw Mineral Supplements — The Ultimate in Mineral Bio-Availability

If you are seeking to purchase a mineral supplement and are already aware of the benefits of a raw foods diet, the most logical choice in a mineral supplement is a raw plant derived supplement.

A raw mineral supplement is simply a collection of mineral-rich raw plants that have already processed the minerals from dirt and rocks and stored it in their tissues. These plants are then harvested and shaped into caplet form. Since the minerals have already been predigested by the plants, they are in perfect form to be utilized by humans. Using plant derived minerals is the best way to know that you are getting the minerals your body needs and, you're not paying for junk.

If you are seeking a mineral supplement, avoid chleated minerals. In this type of mineral supplement, minerals are chemically altered so that the indigestible metals can pass through your cell walls. This is not an efficient way of supplementing since the absorption rate of chleated minerals is only about 50%.

The brand of raw plant derived minerals that I personally both use and recommend is Garden of Life.

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