Raw Vitamins — Healthy Vitamin Supplements

Raw vitamins are healthy vitamin supplements for those who desire the benefits of raw foods.

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One of the many benefits of a raw food diet is that you will be naturally getting vitamins in your diet. You can “make” your own raw and living vitamins by simply increasing your total intake of raw and particularly plant based foods. A good example are drinking daily green smoothies. Depending on your own personal diet choices, you may never even consider vitamin supplements.

For those who do not want to give up cooked food in favor of all-raw, yet realize the benefits of a raw food diet, there is the compromise of raw vitamins. Raw supplements need to be explained a bit. There are many vitamin supplements available for consumption, and most if not all, promise exceptional health and wellness by simply taking their particular vitamin products. So what is so special about raw vitamins?

Facts About Vitamins

The vast majority of vitamin and mineral supplements found in health food stores are either synthetic, man-made “vitamins” or natural, but uses only fractionated and isolated nutrients. These vitamin products from non-living sources do not benefit your health. In fact, long term use of inferior vitamin products may contribute to, rather than solve, health issues. When you seek out and provide your body with raw and living vitamins and nutrients, you are giving you body what it really needs and your health and wellness will benefit.

There are three basic types of vitamins:

Dead Vitamins – Dead vitamins are 100% natural vitamins. At one time, they were raw vitamins, but they have be so highly processed that nothing good remains. Dead vitamins will not do your body much good. Dead vitamins are similar to cooked food and when you are eating cooking food you are really eating a host of dead vitamins. But the harsh reality is that they are dead! These vitamins will not do your body any good, nor will they regenerate your cells or contribute to your long-term wellness.

Fake Vitamins – These are chemicals made in the laboratory designed to mimic the active part of the live vitamins. They have long chemical names like ascorbic acid (vitamin C) or Alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) for example. If you read the label of your multivitamins and the vitamin's name is in parentheses after a chemical name, you are NOT ingesting that vitamin. It is is just a mass of chemicals made in a laboratory that will not nourish your body like real vitamins will.

The Best for Last..

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Live Vitamins – These can also be called “raw vitamins.” These raw living sourced vitamins are plant source, plant derived substances that are carefully isolated and formed into pills. If a vitamin company makes live vitamins, they will tell you the plant source of the vitamins. If you cannot find the source of the vitamin, they are probably neither raw or living.

Raw, living sourced vitamins are whole food vitamins and are just what your body needs for nourishment. This is the only type of vitamin that will naturally feed your body. However, they are not as easy to find as the inferior junk that's in the aisles of most supermarkets and department stores.

Read the corresponding article at www.NaturalNews.com.

If you are interested in taking raw living vitamins, the brand that I personally both use and recommend is Garden of Life. Garden of Life brand vitamins are raw, plant based and organic.

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