Is Juicing Good For You?

Is juicing good for you? Yes, and in many different ways. Read on to discover many of the benefits of juicing.

The following article is a guest post contributed by Ling Wong.

Is juicing good to build up your immune system?

Vegetables juice is very effective in alkalinizing our blood pH. An acidic environment breeds diseases, while an alkaline internal environment is less disease-prone.Juices provides a concentrated dose of antioxidant such as vitamin A, C and E, beta-carotene, plus a wide range of phytochemicals – a lot of which has notable anti-cancer properties.

Is juicing good for you to improve digestive health?

Fresh juices contain a variety of enzymes in large quantity – the fresher the juice, the higher the concentration of enzymes. These enzymes are critical for the digestion and absorption of food, for conversion of food substances into body tissue, and for the production of energy at the cellular level. Juicing breaks down cell wall and allows all the nutrients to be easily absorbed. This gives our digestive system a break and allows it to heal. It is critical that the juice is fresh, not store-bought. Store-bought juices are pasteurized, a process during which the enzymes are deactivated due to high heat.

Is juicing good for you to lose weight?

Toxicity is one of the main reasons that our body retains fat and weight. Our body uses fat cells to bind up fat-soluble toxins, to prevent them from circulating in the body. The only way to allow the body to release excess fat is to help it release the toxins that are stored within the fat cells. The antioxidants in juice helps bind up the toxins and allow them to be carried out of the body. Juices also facilitate elimination and colon detox, which is a critical part in the detoxification process. Juices deliver a satisfying experience with relatively few calories. Including juice in the diet can reduce the overall calorie intake. Cravings are often caused by nutrient deficiency, and are a way that our body is telling us that we need certain nutrients. Juices are a concentrated source of nutrients, and they deliver them in a way that is readily and easily absorbable. When the body gets the nutrients it needs, you will have fewer cravings and will be less likely to overeat, especially on calorie-dense, unhealthy foods.

Is juicing good for you to increase energy?

Juicing allows the nutrients from the vegetables immediately available for the body to utilize. The enzymes in the juice also aid digestion of the nutrients. The body does not have to expense energy to digest the food, leaving more energy for other activities. Also, the nutrients are not “trapped” within the cell walls; they can be absorbed and assimilated much faster, providing the body with a quick shot of energy – without the crash that comes with sugar or caffeine. Juices aid the body’s detoxification process. The less energy the body needs to use on processing and eliminating toxins, the more energy is available for other activities.

Bio:Ling Wong, MS, CHHC, ADDP, is the founder and director of Thoughts For Foods Holistic Health. 

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