The Benefits of Drinking Water are Easy to Swallow

Here are 10 “raw” benefits of drinking water. Along with your raw diet, you need water — lots of water for many reasons.

Some food begs for fine wine. For the raw foodist (and even if you are not) the “fine wine” that your body craves and compliments with every meal is just simple clean, safe, and healthy water. The benefits of drinking water are so many that I had to limit myself to only 10. If you are convinced of these 10 benefits, you will not find yourself thirsty for more reasons, but maybe for more water.

You need to “water” your body daily. Water is an all important, but often overlooked, vital nutrient that your body needs on a daily basis. Drinking water is so vital that some have called water "The Fountain of Youth".

10 “Raw” Benefits of Drinking Water Daily

1. Water helps to aid in the feeling of fullness and helps you eat less. That means, drinking water is an aid in weight loss.  Drinking water helps to flush away fat.

2. Water is internal washing and cleansing. Just as you wash externally every day, realize that you need to wash inside, too. One of the benefits of drinking water daily is that you will be washing and cleansing your “insides.”  Even if you eat only organic, raw food, there will still be toxins that water will help to flush out.

3. Drinking water will help moisturize your skin from the inside out. Water makes you look good, too!  Drinking water daily is an effective, but inexpensive beauty treatment.

4. Water is necessary for the proper functioning of all of your muscles. Remember that your heart is a muscle, so drink water for your heart's sake. Water helps to maintain muscle tone.

5. Drinking water increases your energy. Many times the “afternoon slump” is a result of water dehydration. Your brain is about 85% water. Not only does mild dehydration effect your energy, it may also affect your thinking skills. Stay well-hydrated for optimal brain functions.

6. Drinking water is necessary for proper digestion. If you are eating a majority of dehydrated foods, and/or nuts and seeds, you are not getting much water. When eating dehydrated foods especially, drink plenty of water.

7. Drinking water seems to help decrease the risk of certain cancers such as bladder and colon cancer.

8. Water helps to regulate your body temperature. Without proper amounts of water your body cannot keep you cool using perspiration or warm up the water in your cells when you are cold.

9. Every cell in your body is mainly composed of water and that water has to be continually replenished so your cells can work efficiently. When the cells are not hydrated, they cannot work and thus, your whole body is weakened and susceptible to invading pathogens. Drinking water helps your immune system to work at peak levels.

10. Drinking water may be the most simple, yet totally effective way to boost your long-term health.

Water is the perfect addition to your raw food diet. However, to get all of the benefits listed above you'll want to limit yourself to drinking only the very best water that you can get.

Check this link to find out what is in your tap water.

You'll find things that you really don't want to put into your body. After all, you're trying to cleanse your body, not add pollutants to it, so you'll need to find a way to procure clean, safe and healthy drinking water. There is nothing worse than wanting to drink water yet know that you cannot since the quality of your water is not good!

Bottled water may not be the answer either. The debate concerning bottled water vs. tap water may just have you considering investing in some sort of water filtration system in order to get clean safe healthy drinking water.

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