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Considering a raw diet? Here are some raw food diet testimonials to help you in your raw diet decision.

Are you wondering about all of the interest in raw food diets? Are you considering going raw yourself? What really may be in store for you if you adopt a raw food diet? What really is raw food health?

Here is a collection of real people who for various reasons have adopted the raw food diet plan. Read about others and feel free to share your own raw food diet testimonials.

Musician Goes RAW!

“Raw foods is what gives me the health, vitality, and enthusiasm to do what I love — sing, play the piano, write music and perform — and dance!” says musician Bridget Wolf.

“From my own experience, eating a raw food diet is good for weight loss. I have been enjoying an almost 100% raw food diet for six years now. I maintain my weight at about 130 to 135 pounds; my height is 5-foot 6-inches. And now in menopause, I'm still able to keep extra pounds off, even though I eat a lot of food every day. I exercise — walk and jog. I also dance to help keep me healthy.

“In 2005, I was up to 164 pounds and feeling sick and tired every day. Now I'm able to do what I love and feel healthy every day. When I slip off, I feel sick again and that is the motivation to stay with what works for me.

“I eat nuts and avocados every day and still keep the extra 30 pounds off.  Raw nuts and avocados are healthy fats. I have the lowest cholesterol scores of all the people my doctor sees!

“Eating raw food only is certainly ONE great way to lose and keep off weight.”

Another of the Many Raw Food Diet Testimonials...

The following testimony is from Carolyn Akens. She says: "The truth is, eating a raw food diet is an excellent way to lose weight naturally. Raw food is a lifestyle change and not only a diet. I weighed 185 pounds and went raw a few years ago and never gained it back. I have none of the aches and pains that I use to have and I am very healthy. My only regret is I wish I had known about raw food before my brother died of morbid obesity a few years ago, which is the reason I looked for an alternative instead of dieting. I needed a lifestyle change because having tried all the diets available, I knew they didn't work over the long haul.

"Nuts and avocados are fatty, but they are the good fat; it is up to each individual to ascertain what they put in their mouths. A lot of raw recipes are nut heavy, especially desserts, so moderation is key, however raw desserts can be made without nuts. Sorbets are great and also palate cleansers.

"Going raw isn't for everyone, but 20-percent is better than no raw at all and one will begin to see the results. It is not necessary to go 100-percent raw to reap the benefits, you just need to set a goal and adhere to it. I am high raw and that works for me. Only YOU can ascertain how raw you really want to be. Just do it. Your body will thank you."

Raw Food Diet Testimonials from a Athlete/Trainer

This one of the many raw food diet testimonials comes from Ryan Egan NSCA-CPT, CK-FMS. Here is a picture of Ryan BEFORE raw:

raw food diet testimonials

He says, "I'm going to be perfectly honest — eating raw can be difficult at times. The smells of bakeries, pizza, barbeque, knowing how good those chips and dips are just make my mouth water and the justifications run wild. “I’ve been good” or “I’ll just have a taste” or my wife’s favorite, “I’ll just work out harder.” Just like anything, raw eating is a choice and just like any choice, you can reap rewards or consequences. The levels and scalability can vary, but most importantly, consistent small choices add up to huge dividends in the end. Raw eating has changed my life in such a huge way that I have revelations daily. I’m convinced at times that eating raw will make you smarter. In four weeks I dropped 12 pounds, which every bit of it was excessive body fat. I juice daily (celery, lots of kale, apple, ginger, beet, lime, dandelion greens, wheat grass, spinach, and broccoli, roughly 32 ounces) which is the biggest catalyst behind my success for continued lean body mass and high level of performance.

And here is Ryan AFTER going mostly raw:

raw food diet testimonials

"Health and fitness is my life. Both my wife and I own and operate personal training businesses in Tahoe, California and have trained everyone from teenagers to Olympic athletes. I also compete in big mountain snowboarding.

"The first week of April coincides with my birthday which at that time, I firmly decided to change my life. I healed, but with 20-percent body fat and very out of shape.  Coupled with kettlebell training, I’m stronger, leaner, more pain-free and healthier than I've ever been. I love eating raw and will continue daily (morning until dinner) vegan practice until the Lord calls me home."

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