A Raw Food Diet Benefits Health in Many Ways!

The most important raw food diet benefits is vibrant health.

Below is an interview with Jennie Moran.  Jennie helps others to go raw and stay raw so they, too, can enjoy all of the raw food diet benefits. You can enjoy one of Jennie's raw recipes, Raw Peachy Passion Cobbler on this site.

RFDM: Why do you eat a raw diet?

Jennie: I eat a raw food diet for a variety of reasons, most of which are to stay healthy. The energy I experience on a raw food diet is unreal. Being a mother of a 12-month-old baby girl, still nursing two times per night, I feel with my busy schedule I need as much high quality food and support for me and her, so eating raw provides us with that balanced nutrition.

RFDM: What are some of the raw food diet benefits?

Jennie: The health benefits: beautiful skin, strong bones, teeth, hair and nails. The proper weight, a focused mind, better digestion, well-balanced immune system, an ability to fight infection and much more.

RFDM: What types of people should adopt a raw food diet?

Jennie: Anyone who feels called to eat for the betterment of the planet. It's easier on the environment, our own inner environment and the one we live in, planet Earth. I have helped people lose weight by being on this diet and I've helped people overcome their food addictions to sweets and ease off countless medications. It is a great diet for people who are ready to make a change for their future. I've found it is not for everyone because it is truly a commitment unlike any other. Bottom line, people need to do it because it is important to them and their overall health.

RFDM: What are some raw food diet benefits on your mental health?

Jennie: Eating a raw foods diet has everything to do with your mental health, if done properly. I'd like to suggest that people take certain supplements like blue green algae and synergy greens, both on my website, so they experience the benefits of mental awareness. A raw food diet is easily misinterpreted by all the fun concoctions people come up with to make sweet treats, but without the balance of aquatic greens and grasses, sprouts, tonic herbs and vital minerals, what they are hoping to achieve through raw foods is often lost. They experience a quick spike in energy and then drop off and crave the next sweet treat to make up for the lack of proteins and essential minerals that are so rich in a balanced raw diet.

RFDM: Should people adopt a 100% raw diet or a lesser percentage of raw?

Jennie: I like the 80%raw-20% cooked diet plan, personally. That is what has been successful for me and that's what I advocate. I may be one of the few, but it works for me and the clients I council. I still enjoy a cup of miso soup, an occasional bowl of wild rice and steamed vegetables, not to mention how much I love drinking cup after cup of fermented Pu-erh Tea. It's a lifelong obsession to find the best cup of Pu-erh.

RFDM: I see that there are many raw food diet benefits, but are there any nutritional deficiencies of a raw food diet?

Jennie: B12 is the most common deficiency I've come across. But again, if you are eating superfoods like bee pollen, maca, sea vegetables like kelp, bladderwrack, Dulse and good fats like avocados and hemp, then I don't think you'll experience a lack in your diet. Bee pollen is made up of 40% protein and contains every single nutrient we need to live.

RFDM: Isn't it better to cook some vegetables like tomatoes to release their nutrients?

Jennie: I can't comment on tomatoes, but I do know that it is vital to cook mushrooms and never to eat them raw; Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Joel Furhman would back me up on that as well. They are too difficult to digest uncooked and raw, plus they contain fungus spores that need to cooked prior to eating.

RFDM: You promote the use of superfoods and supplements, also. Isn't raw food enough for vibrant health and wellness?

Jennie: Personally, I like to add things into my regimen like superfoods. It might be enough for other folks to just eat fruits and vegetables, but with my busy schedule and commitments I feel it's easier to use synergy greens, pure radiance vitamin C and add some bee pollen to my smoothies if needed.

RFDM: Can I get the same raw food diet benefits just by taking supplements?

Jennie: Sure, but that doesn't change the whole story. Going raw is a commitment and even I fall back sometimes, but I'm always drawn back “into the light,” in a sense and feel my best when I eat raw and add the supplements in with it. But just doing the supplements is only half the experience.

RFDM: Is a raw food cleanse necessary?

Jennie: Yes. I like to cleanse at least four days at the beginning of each season with four days of green smoothies and just 100% raw foods— spring, summer, fall and winter.

RFDM: What are the health benefits of a raw food cleanse?

Jennie: Cancer fighter, skin rejuvenator, mental clarity, better sex life, vibrant health.

RFDM: How often should you do a raw food cleanse?

Jennie: If possible, four times a year. At the beginning of each season for four days or two times a year with a cleanse like the one I have on the website.

RFDM: Tell me a bit about your husband. Is he raw also?

Jennie: He eats whatever I make. He's very fit physically, but he's not raw. He's a flexatarian since we don't have meat in the house, but he does like to eat an occasional egg. I'd say he's the smoothie maker in the house with some crazy concoctions and he loves my raw lasagna.

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