7 Tips for Raw Eating While Traveling

The following article about raw eating is a guest post submitted by Nicole Rodgers.

Here are 7 tips for raw eating while on the go to help you stick to your raw food diet plan.

If you are into eating raw, sticking to the raw food diet plan while on the road can be a real challenge. Luckily, there are a few things that travelers can do to keep it raw in planes, trains and automobiles. When traveling, here are seven tips for sticking to mainly raw foods while on the road.

Carry Plenty of Food from Home

Everyone else has the option of heading into that burger joint in the airport during layovers. Raw food lovers don't have that luxury. Just assume that traveling will require twice as much food as thought, and there should always be enough to snack on between planes.  So make sure you pack plenty of your raw eating snacks.

Explore Farmer's Markets and Shopping Districts in New Cities

Just about every city in the western world has some kind of market district or farmer's market these days where raw foodies can show up and buy fresh fruit, vegetables and grains. All anyone can really take from home is dehydrated food, so this is a nice way to get hold of some juicy peaches and apples and so on for your raw eating pleasure.

Use Vitamin Supplements

The bottom line is that it's going to be harder to get hold of good raw food while out on the road, so carry raw vitamin C supplements, using natural protein supplements for drinks, fiber for water and so on is going to be a big help in making up the difference.

Don't Take Their Word for It

There are restaurants and shops all around the world that boast food items that are as processed as any TV dinner, and overworked, underpaid employees who don't know the difference and will outright lie just to get on with their day. Don't take it for granted, ask to see nutritional information and lists of ingredients before biting into anything.

Sneak Natural Dressing into Restaurants

Sooner or later, the lure of a ready prepared meal will get to anybody, so finding a restaurant that offers some raw food options will be a necessity. It's really difficult to find a restaurant whose dressings don't contain corn syrup and other weird additives and sweeteners. Asking for a salad with no dressing and sneaking in a bottle from home is a good way to make sure that the salad is raw.

Look for Indian Food Stores

Indian food makes a lot of use of flax seeds, hummus and other natural foods. Packing some Indian snacks for the trip is a good start, and most big cities have at least one or two Indian grocery stores somewhere in town. Check for their addresses online and see about finding a hotel somewhere in their area.

Avoid Packing Perishables

There's a reason dehydrated foods are such a popular travel food, even for those who don't stick to a raw diet. They take forever to go bad, they can be stuffed into the bottom of a backpack without being smashed and they taste great even months after purchase. Raw foods aren't such a great idea when it comes to packing the bags. Go with dehydrated whenever possible.

It really doesn't have to be so hard to stick to raw items while traveling, it only demands a certain degree of caution. Don't trust anyone without a list of ingredients, and make sure to bring a lot of food from home and there should be no problems.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the finance and health and fitness industries for three years; she encourages everyone to purchase environmentally friendly products or at least think about the environment when disposing of your used products. She is also going green by making sure to reduce junk mail from coming to her house by signing up for email only notifications.

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