Health Benefits of Organic Food

The health benefits of organic food is perhaps the greatest of the organic food advantages and makes organic food in high demand, understandably so.

The following is a guest post about the health benefits of organic food and has been kindly contributed by Victoria. 

Organic food is all the rage right now, with people praising it for all sorts of reasons - it is tastier, it has more nutritional value, and it’s better for you. And while the debate about average pricing and keeps moving back and forth, the fact is that organic food can have a big impact on your health. And in a society that is struggling to maintain basic levels of health, this is obviously ideal. Before we look at the health benefits of organic food, we need to understand what organic food actually is. Once you understand what it actually is, it may be easier to see why so many people think that is better for you.

What Is Organic Food?

Organic food is food that has to pass strict tests that confirm it has been produced in a way that is as natural as possible. This means that none of the pesticides and hormones that are added to some food have been used in the production of the food. In the case of fruit and vegetables, there are rules regarding pesticides, fertilizers and hormones - the product has grown naturally. The best way to think about organic food is that it is the kind of food we would get if we didn’t have chemicals - everything is natural.

Now that you understand exactly how organic food is produced, it is time to consider the health benefits of organic food.

The Health Benefits of Organic Food

The main reason that people favor organic food is for its reported health benefits. The first clear advantage is that none of the potentially harmful substances that are used in producing normal grocery food can seep into your food and diet. Experts all seem to agree that there are harmful chemicals in fertilizer, pesticides and so on, and that they are present in food that is not organically produced. 

The health benefits of organic food go deeper than simple secondary intake of harmful substances. While it is appalling that consumers unknowingly ingest these materials, what’s worse is that they are being robbed of the natural goodness of fresh, nutritious food. Produce that is left to grow in it’s own tends to retain the natural compounds contained in its makeup, and we all reap the health benefits of eating this kind of food. In scientific terms, the reason why organic food is so much better for you is that they are rich in antioxidants, and more importantly, phenolics. Phenolics are highly potent antioxidants, and they are only produced in defense to attacks on the plant. That’s right - if you kill the “pests” that attack crops, they cannot produce phenolics, and you don’t get any of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

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