Tao of Kombucha

by Bryan Deane Bertsch
(St Paul, MN)

Deane's Butterfly

Deane's Butterfly

When I had my first bottle of Kombucha in 2005 I was fascinated with the concept of a beverage that both tastes great and has tremendous health benefits. When I learned that I could fill my body with a living drink that works with my body to help with digestion, assimilation of vitamins and minerals, helps detox and gives me a great energy boost I wanted to learn more.

As a practicing Taoist alchemist I was also intrigued by the symbiotic relationship of the Kombucha culture itself and how that resonates with the whole human body system. The Tao is all about healthy exchange of energy, which is what Kombucha is. Kombucha is filled with living bacteria and yeast that if nurtured properly creates a harmonious system of exchange.

Since kombucha is a living food, I began to connect with the consciousness of kombucha. I was aware of how emotions and feelings affect the molecular structure of our cells and I utilize that knowledge during the brew cycle of kombucha. I use music, symbols, imagery, mantra and positive vibrations to connect more deeply with my kombucha. And it responds! Over the years of brewing kombucha I learned there is a very subtle balance that needs to be maintained to create a great beverage. I continue to practice, trying new things and over time refined my practice to create a true elixir.

I hope you also enjoy the many benefits of both brewing and drinking this wonderful living food. You can meditate on your kombucha, pray with it, or just crack open a cold bottle of home brewed kombucha tea on a warm summer day and just plain enjoy!!

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