Rejuvelac is a lemony drink with lots of beneficial bacteria to help aid in digestion and sooth those belly blues.

Rejuvelac drink was developed by Dr. Ann Wigmore. She was creator of the Hippocrates Institute and has written many food and health books. She was leading in the research on raw food and vegetarian diets.

It is a very refreshing, fermented probiotic drink that is easy to make.  It is made by soaking grains, and drinking the liquid off the grains.  It can also be used as a starter for other fermented foods such as raw nut and seed yogurts, and cheeses. 

Rejuvelac is very healthy containing proteins, natural antibiotics, B complex vitamins, lactobacilli, and other live organisms.  It can be made from different grains and is well worth exploring different recipes to determine the one that you like best!

The following probiotic drink recipe is made from wheat berries and I have provided a sample schedule as it is easy to forget which day you are on!

Rejuvelac Recipe

Thursday-am:  Soak 1/2 cup soft wheat berries in 1 liter glass jar for 12 hours.      Thursday-pm:  Drain, then rinse, then drain (tilt jar at 45 degree angle).

Friday-am:       Rinse, drain.                                                                      Friday-pm:       Rinse, drain.

Saturday-am:   Rinse, drain.                                                                             Saturday-pm:   Rinse, drain.

Place berries in blender with 3 cups of water.  Blend at high speed 8-10 seconds.  Place in 2 liter glass jar, fill to top with water.  Place cheesecloth over top and hold in place with elastic.

Sunday-am:     Stir. Put cheesecloth back on.                                          Sunday-pm:     Stir.

Monday-am:    Stir.                                                                                       Monday-pm:    Stir.

Tuesday-am:   Stir.                                                                                      Tuesday-pm:   Pour off liquid into pitcher. Serve liquid and/or refrigerate.

With solids still in bottom of jar, refill with water.

Wed-am:         Stir.                                                                                       Wed-pm:         Stir.

Thursday-am:  Stir.                                                                                     Thursday-pm:  Pour off liquid and serve or refrigerate.

With solids still in bottom of jar, refill with water.

Friday-am:       Stir.                                                                                   Friday-pm:       Stir.

Saturday-am:   Stir.                                                                                     Saturday-pm:   Pour off liquid and serve or refrigerate.

Use solids in bottom of jar for cereals, dehydrate with currants, raisins and cinnamon; or use for started for raw yogurt or nut cheeses.

This special probiotic drink can add to your raw foods a digestive fermented tonic. 

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