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by Andrea M.
(Fruita, CO)

Many years ago my mom was given a "mushroom" and no real directions on how to use it. All we knew was that we were supposed to put it in tea. The result was undrinkable. Up until the moment I tried real kombucha, I could remember that vile taste and wondered what on earth we had been thinking.

Fast forward 20 years. Fermentation and its benefits have been lost to the general public. I have taken my love of fermented things into my own hands and have decided to try my hand at making them myself. Having read about kombucha and water kefir and because kombucha is readily available at the health food store, I knew I had to give it a shot.

I was giddy when I opened the cap and the golden kombucha goodness overflowed all over the kitchen counter. I like my kombucha like I like my kimchi, extra "sparkly". After trying a couple more flavors of kombucha and learning how to make a SCOBY from store bought, I set out to start brewing my own.

After I had grown my own SCOBY, I started my first brew with just 2 quarts of sweet tea. Shortly after that I decided that I would start a gallon every 2 weeks. My production is now up to at least gallon a week. Unfortunately my family is not quite as enthusiastic as I am about drinking it, but some of my friends are. I am more than happy to share my kombucha with others and have even began bartering with a friend who trades raw milk!

I'd like to offer up a few tips for my fellow KT brewers as well as flavors that I have used. I am open for any flavor suggestions that you have as well.


1)Kombucha does not like metal. Do not use a metal spoon for tasting. Be sure and use a plastic strainer for de-chunking your brew.

2)When preparing to bottle my KT, I load all jars, rings, and lids, as well as the gallon jar for starting my next brew into the dishwasher without anything else. I then put some white vinegar into a glass and set it in the top shelf. Making sure it is set to heated dry, I run it. Now everything is clean and shiny and ready to go.


I had been using black tea, but now I tried a batch with jasmine tea. Awesome!

candied ginger
ginger, lime juice
apple chunks
apple chunks, cinnamon stick, clove
chai (cinnamon stick, ginger, star anise, cardamom)
prickly pear
store bought mixed berry juice
lemon zinger (put a tea bag in there for 2nd ferment)
frozen blackberries

Thanks for taking the time to read about my kombucha experience. Happy Brewing!

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