Good to "see" you! I promised you that this newsletter would be "juicy"...and it is!

Just today, my husband Joe brought home for me a whole basket of apples, all varieties from a local farmer. He said as he lugged it in, "This should last you about a week." "yes", I agreed, "about a week." I was not joking (he may have been!). Apples juice as a base with some added vegetable juice such as carrots and red beets is wonderful! I don't buy cider since that is pasteurized and all of the goodness is killed.

With this in mind check out these recent and juicy pages that I just put on my website:

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and finally, last but certainly NOT least...

Fresh Vegetable Juice Recipes Part 4!

Just tonight for "supper" I juiced up some of my apples, carrots and beet root! Yum! The doggies got the pulp in their food and they love it and it is so good for them

Now I am working on another new page for my site, this one with the topic "What is the Best Juicer?" I think that I have the answer but you will have to wait and see!

In other news...

How can I avoid the common pitfalls of a vegetarian or vegan diet?

I hope that you liked the info I sent you from the Vegetarian Institute, please click above if you don't know what I am referring to. They offer programs that are "high raw". This is great for those who want to eat a healthy as possible but still slip in a bit or more or healthy cooked food. Perhaps more on that in a future issue...

If you are ever tired of "cooking" raw but really want to stay raw, or perhaps impress your friends with a raw meal, do check out the raw offering from Raw Chef Rebbecca at

She delivers raw ready-to-eat meals and raw side dishes all over the United States. If nothing else, do check out her website and drool! I know that I did! :)

All for right now...

See you soon but in the meantime, eat well!

Mary Jane

PS I think that I forgot a recipe for you! Ooops! Here is one that you may enjoy:

Easy Almond Milk

1 cup of water
1 Teaspoon raw almond butter
2-3 dates, pits removed

Blend together at high speed Add more almond butter for a thicker milk. This makes a great base for for lots of great smoothie recipes!
If you are looking for a place to purchase almond butter and lots of other healthy and raw goodies, go to Use coupon code UME524 for $5.00 off your first order. This is a great site, no sales tax and free shipping on orders over $40.00.

See you next time!