<>, I got a very encouraging e-mail from a friend of mine about eating raw. It was so good that I wanted to share it with you too. She just wrote this to me and I want to share what she says with you too.

Mary Anne, owner of Pear Tree Enterprises says:

"I've been getting into more raw foods, not 100 percent. Now I'm eating a lot of fresh salads, juicing again and eating more raw vegetables and fruits. For the first time in YEARS, strangers are telling me that I look beautiful and that my skin is so clear and my eyes are bright!

I'm doing sprouting too. And lots of gogi berries!"

What I love about this is that Mary Anne is not totally 100% raw but when she increased her raw foods, she has gotten wonderful results. This shows the power of raw foods and you don't even have to go 100%, just really up your intake of them.

And once you start eating more raw, you will crave more and more of the good raw stuff.

Yes, raw looks GOOD and makes YOU look GREAT! Thanks for sharing Mary Anne!

On other news, I added a new page to my site. This is a guest post on blenders. Check out

Blenders for Smoothies.

Until next time...

Eat Well...

Mary Jane

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