You and I know and are convinced of the benefits of a raw food diet. However possibly we have loved ones that we are concerned for their health and wellness yet they will not convert to raw foods. This news letter is for them!

Recently in my research I cam across products from Madre Labs. What really impressed me were the testimonials that people gave from using these products!

The testimonials sounded like raw food diet testimonials! What I think happened is that the products from the Madre Labs are so pure and concentrated goodness that the results are similar to eating a raw diet.

So if you have someone who you <>, think could benefit from raw nutrition but they are adverse to the whole "raw" thing, introduce them to Madre Labs powder.

But don't take my word for it, read the testimonials for yourself.

Here are the links to three of their popular products: Madre Labs, Eureka! Berries, with Lingonberry, Madre Labs, Immune Punch with AHCC and Epicor and Madre Labs, Midori Greens.

The above links will take you to my FAVORITE health food store on the 'Net! To get an extra $5.00 off of your order (they offer free shipping too!) use the coupon code UME524 at checkout.

To your wellness and health of your loved ones too!

Mary Jane

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