Just on Sunday night I was sitting after church with two ladies, friends of mine, and they were discussing in glowing terms the success of their latest diet.

They are following a popular diet where you can eat "everything" just in moderation. Yes, they are losing weight.

The way they "eat" is totally chemical, I mean it is fat free, sugar free, possibly laced with MSG (that makes you fat remember?)

I know, I did this "diet" one time and was totally freaked out with the artificial "food".

They ARE losing weight. They look good. They are damaging their health. They have health issues and they look their age, just skinner versions!

Now enter the topic of raw food for weight loss...

Eat all you want,

Eliminate cravings,

Look younger and more attractive,

Feel vibrant,

Eat real food,

Heal your body,

Feel calmer,

Sleep better, possibly less

and many more advantages...

Oh did I mention losing weight too?

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Raw Food for Weight Loss.

Now you may be wondering what they said when I told them about raw food. I did not say anything! They saw me drop dress sizes, they knew what I was doing and they chose to reject my logic.

That is what they choose. We are still friends. I will be happy to share with then all I know about raw food....if and when they ask.

Congratulations to YOU. You asked. I am sharing. I am glad you did.

Thank you so much <>, you are my friend because you want to know the truth about raw food!

To skinner clothes and healthier bodies to put in them,

Mary Jane

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