I was just talking to my Mother today and she shared something with me that was very profound and I had forgotten it.

Simply put, it is the many health benefits of aloe vera. Now she raises aloe plants as house plants. Today in the mail she got an advertisement for aloe vera capsules and many glowing testimonials of all of the health benefits people who have used them found.


A half truth is a whole lie. The reason why I am so adamant about this is that years ago I did some research on aloe vera. It is a wonderful plant and offers many wellness benefits. However I also learned that the active part of the aloe vera plant has a shelf life of only about 30 minutes.

So do you see why I am so against the CAPSULES?!

Forget the capsules, grab an aloe vera plant (if you live near my Mom she would be happy to se1l you one or several!) and add a leaf or more to your next smoothie. Just drink your smoothie right away and don't refrigerate it. Enjoy the health benefits of this humble plant!

Need some juicy smoothie ideas? Go to recipes for smoothies for some ideas and just add your fresh aloe for a secret wellness weapon!

To your Good Health,

Mary Jane

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