If you have not noticed by now, we live in a society that likes to eat, and who likes non raw food -- i.e. the SAD diet. (SAD refers the Standard American Diet and if you live outside the United States, my sincere and humble apologies to you!)

Just this last weekend, I was invited to not one but two non raw social occasions. What I got out of that are some tips for you to help you survive these non raw eating events.

1. Before you leave fortify yourself with a green smoothie. This will both help to fill you up and also the magnesium will quiet the cravings of non-raw and especially junk foods.

2. Contribute food to the party -- raw food of course! Make this a favorite of YOURS so that at the occasion you can eat it and enjoy it.

If you really want to make a RAW FOOD HIT, order something from Pure Market Express. my favorite RAW FOOD made and delivered to YOUR door!

3. At the party, be busy! Volunteer to help in some way even if it involves non raw food. The busier you are doing a job the less you will be tempted to stop and eat yourself. This is a great way to avoid "bad" food.

This is exactly what I did last Saturday. I went to a hot dog roast at my church and volunteered making funnel cakes! Later that evening when talking to my health conscious cousin, he said that the very thought of hot dogs and funnel cakes made his gall bladder cringe. He observed that me making and serving the funnel cakes in his words, "death on a plate" was actually doing the church people a favor by helping them get to heaven sooner!

4. - Look for and EAT all of the raw food dishes that is available.

Here is a list of raw foods to help you think about what you can eat on your raw diet.

Remember that I said I was two social functions? Before the hot dog roast, I went to a baby shower. I was thrilled to see a huge fruit tray! There I was able to enjoy eating fresh raw delicious fruit!

5. - If possible, and I know that it is not always possible, if you know that the most food will be served at the start of the occasion, contact the hostess and ask if it would be OK for you to be "fashionably late." This will help you avoid the temptation of a lot of food.

This really helped me at the baby shower. The shower was scheduled for 2PM and I needed to get my husband off to work at 3PM, so I telephoned the hostess and explained to her that due to family obligations, I would be there, just late. So I got to the shower late, after the majority of eating was over, helped myself the to fruits salad and enjoyed myself totally.

This is also good ploy if you really don't want to go but feel obligated!

Remember in closing---don't worry about what other people are thinking if you don't eat everything thy are. They are far too busy with their own plate to worry about what is on yours!

To your enjoyable raw eating,

Mary Jane

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