<> My Dad introduced me to the concept of eggnog. I loved the taste, I still do. Now I make delicious egg nog with raw milk and organic raw eggs, raw honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon....YUM! This is very healthful and nourishing.

My Dad said that he was taught as a boy that the most healthful foods were milk and eggs and he wondered why later in his life these were the same foods that were vilified. It turns out in my goodness of milk and eggs were right.

When Dad would make me the egg nog I would feel very "full". I know now that I was unused to eating (drinking) raw eggs. So to get used to consuming raw eggs and of course delicious homemade egg nog, by the time Christmas comes, start by just adding a few drops of eggs to milk for a few days until you get used to eating eggs. After you get used to eating raw eggs, you will love my recipe for homemade egg nog.

Happy Christmas planning!

Mary Jane

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