The other day a reader of my website shared with me the health concept of "grounding".

(Just a side note: I love my readers! I feel like such an important person when you take of your busy schedule to drop me a note. Sometimes I cannot respond the way I would like to but for all those who have contacted me and for those who will in the future, a huge THANK YOU!)

I had never heard of grounding products, no we are not talking about dirt! But rather the experience that has to do with the electricity of our bodies and so on. You can read more about it here. You probably know by now that I think the way for excellent health is through a raw diet.

I am also a realist and know that not everyone who read this newsletter or their families believe the benefits of a raw food diet. And even if you are, there is nothing wrong with wanting only the best for your body for your health and wellness.

So with you raw diet, educate yourself about grounding products. This may be the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one who has everything but their good health.


Mary Jane

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