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Bad Blender Dilema Solved
July 25, 2012


Some time ago a friend of mine asked for my opinion for a good blender. She is like me, we want a good, heavy duty blender that the motor will not burn out and will make our smoothies SMOOTH! (I have another friend who I introduced green smoothies to and she uses her food processor to make them! She is a far braver woman than I!) I like my greens totally and completely pulverized so that my taste buds don't know that I am drinking kale or some other super greens. I love how good greens are for me but I prefer not to really taste them and certainly not to chew a piece or two!

So when I was asked my opinion on blenders, I immediately referred her to a guest post that I had just put up on my website. I will let you know about that in a moment. I use guest posts when I am too busy to write and they give a different "voice" to my site. This particular gentleman wanted to write a guest post on blenders so I accepted it and he had several blender reviews, so I put it I am not happy about it. Here is the page in question:

Blenders for Smoothies.

While this page is very general about blenders, one of the things that he says is that the VitaMix blender is INEXPENSIVE?! While anyone who has such a machine, totally loves it, the $450.00 price tag is a bit, well in my mind (or shall I say budget? expensive!

The Vita Mix blender with its 2HP motor will blend just about anything and those who have them use it to blend banana peels (please make sure they are organic!) orange and lemon rind, no more squeezing, just throw the whole fruit in, and more. Vita Mix owners just love, love, LOVE their Vita Mix!

Well I don't have a Vita Mix and I was hesitant to recommend it to my friend simply because well they are EXPENSIVE! I mean $400.00 plus for a BLENDER?! Her husband would have had a fit!

Now good blenders are pricey. I know, I burn out cheap blenders on a regular basis! I use my blender hard! Some of these greens are tough and my blender just can't take it.

So now, I am where my friend was, I need a new blender and this time I want a GOOD one, one that is like VitaMix but not with the hefty price tag please? If I can?

I did some research and found the Omni blender. One of the particular things that impressed me about this particular blender is that it has a 3 Horse Power Motor (compared to VM's 2 HP) and it has a 7 year warranty! Seriously if I can get daily use out of the thing for 7 years, I will be happy!

For some reason the person who wrote my guest post did not include the Omni Blender. So on my "to do" list is to write up my feelings for this great blender which will grind avocado pits (this is great because 1/2 of the expensive avocado is the pit and might as well get your money 's worth by adding the pit to your next green smoothie) and make those smoothies SMOOTH!

Enough of my raving about my new find, if you are in the market for a really great blender check out the Omni blender here. I think that I have finally found a solution to what is the best blender. The 3 HP motor, the 7 year warranty and the lower price tag sold me! To me a good blender is an investment into your long term health.

And here is yet another tip from a raw fooder when it comes to blenders: If you don't have the $ right now for a good blender, every time you use your current blender, put a dollar away. Then when you burn out your current blender, you will have some ca$h already saved in your "Blender Fund"!

Enjoy and Eat (and Drink!) Well!

Mary Jane

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