As I am writing this newsletter, my cat is sitting on my lap. No, that has nothing to do with anything, I just thought I would share that with you!

I was thinking about the benefits of sunshine. As the weather is getting colder and more chilly, the daylight getting less, I want to grab as much solar energy as I possible can every day.

Part of the wonderful power of raw foods is the nutrients they get from the SUN. Nothing can replace the energy of the sun.

Processed foods do not have this wonderful benefit so sunlight. Now I am in no means an expert on light, however it seems that the sun is healing in and of itself.

Those that suffer from SAD disorder where they seem to get depressed when it is dark and cold are sometimes advised to sit under lamps and of course get out and let the sun shine on them!

If the sun is good for our raw food, it is good for you. Enjoy LOTS of sunshine today, bask in it, dance in it, rejoice in it be thankful for it.... For all of the raw foods you eat toady, give thanks to God for His provisions of the power and energy of the sun. Truly when you are eating raw you are eating LIGHT! Don't believe me? Then check out what I wrote at What is Raw Food. And if you have more sun then I do, I would love if you would send it my way!

Rejoicing in LIght,

Mary Jane (and Toonces the cat!)

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