If you are in the United States of America, you know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving day. This day was set aside to specifically to give thanks to God. Americans usually celebrate this holiday by spending time with family.

When you are among your loved ones perhaps in the back of your mind you wonder about their health. One of the reasons why I originally got into the natural wellness scene was that from little up, I loved my family and I wanted them alive and well for as long as possible.

While my personal approach to natural health, wellness and healing has changed over the years, refined I may say, the same basic concern of desiring the health of my loved ones has not.

I believe that a raw food diet is one if not the most important key to good health and wellness. I would like if ALL of my family members would think like me and want to eat raw. However, as much as I can live my life and health in front of them, the raw food diet decision is solely up to them.

Ultimately I am only responsible for ME. So I try to take care of me. This is not a selfish decision. Rather I love my family and I don't ever want to be a burden of any kind of them. So I need to take care of ME. My way of taking care of me is to eat a raw food diet.

No one really wants to experience decline of health and to be a burden. Some people will not be convinced of the benefits of a raw food diet, others will. For some eating raw makes much sense and they "get it" right away. Some believe that there is absolutely no connection between diet and health. Many believe you but don't want to replace their favorite cooked foods with raw foods.

Whatever the case, this Thanksgiving season, if you are eating raw, know that you are doing this not only for yourself but also as a gift of love to your family.

I congratulate you for being on the raw diet, for loving yourself enough to do this, for loving your family also to do this! This Thanksgiving season, be thankful for all that you know, and all that you are doing for your present and future wellness.


Mary Jane

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