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I was doing some research about apples. I want to add more plant based superfoods to my Superfoods Diet page. Obviously it will be more than 10 foods featured. I will let you know when I have the APPLE page done.

I found interesting in my research that many people mistakenly think that apple seeds are poisonous. Actually a long time ago I read the book World Without Cancer and since then I have been eating the apple seeds and giving them to my doggies (and anyone else that I care about who will eat them). Then today I found that the book has a website. It is: World Without Cancer. So I have included the link in my page, but since you < are special and you get insight in what I am thinking and doing (only the good stuff!) I thought I would share it with you.

To me this is just another affirmation that raw, natural, whole foods have been created perfect and we are foolish to eat them any other way.

To your "raw" health!

Mary Jane

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