One of the benefits of a raw food diet is a youthful appearance. This is understandable since food is fuel. Any car enthusiast will only use the best fuel for their car. Farmers feed their crops and their animals the best too.

So why do people who take such good care of their vehicles, their crops and their animals, and understand the concept of food being fuel, neglect their own bodies and not feed them right?

The aging process occurs inside our bodies are constantly rebuilding itself. Our cells are "born", reproduce new cells and then die. This process of growing and change is simply called aging since it happen over a period of years.

Usually the aging process has a negative connotation since it seems that as the body ages, it becomes weaker. While the aging process cannot be slowed down, (you cannot slow done time as much as we would like to at times) you can use the best fuel to feed your body so that even though you are aging, you look, feel and function like those much younger.

So view your food as fuel and accept only the best fuel for your body. Yes, I believe that it is natural raw whole foods is what your body needs to age gracefully and even youthfully.

Fuel Yourself Well,

Mary Jane

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