Sometimes people wonder why and even how I got started in my raw diet quest. That is a good question. When I first heard about a raw vegan diet, I was taken aback. upbringing. It sounded well WEIRD!

Then I heard about some of the benefits of a raw diet.

What sorta "pushed me over the edge" though was an interview I read in a health magazine with Carol Alt. What really connected with me was that she was NOT a vegan, she included raw dairy, raw eggs and ever raw fish into her raw diet.

Now the fact that she looks great and that did not hurt my feelings at all either! :) I am vain and want to look good too no matter WHAT my age!

So form a non vegan springboard, I thought, I can really do this too. It was the "security blanket" or raw dairy that helped me make my decision to go raw and eventually to writing the website.

Now I have been unable to interview Carol for MY website -- she is a VERY busy lady. But I wrote about her diet here, the Carol Alt raw food diet.


Mary Jane

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