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Eat More Raw!
June 28, 2014

Celebrate July 4th!

July 4th is the half way mark of the year which is a great time for me to gear up for the next half of the year. I am a big believer in education and I strive to keep up on the veg front as there is so much happening I want to be able to share the good stuff that I see with all of you.

Every year I attend the Vegfest to learn from those who work in the raw food and plant-based diet field. I go for the entire weekend and get energized at the food demos, vendors, inspiring lectures and book authors and films that are all at one place to share the benefits of this great way of living.

If you can't make it to a Vegfest, the next best thing is to take a course that can help you to thrive on a plant-strong diet, whip up delicious meals in 10-30 minutes, and confidently avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies, here's a compelling resource. Enrollment just opened for The Vegan Mastery Program. Presented by The Vegetarian Health Institute, it's a series of 50 lessons that are designed to help you flourish on a vegan diet. You can even earn a Vegan Nutrition Certificate.

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The Vegetarian Health Institute was founded by Trevor Justice. In 2002, Trevor was a long-time vegan who began having health problems. It was after his teeth started falling out (literally) that he knew something was NOT working. He decided that he needed to roll up his research sleeves and get to the bottom of this healthy plant-based diet idea.

Trevor made some important discoveries, and he became passionate about helping folks who want to reduce or eliminate animal products from their diets, to do so in a way that truly works for the long haul.

With the guidance of leading doctors and plant-based food experts, the Vegan Mastery program gets practical and specific.

Whether you have an interest in being vegan or not, it can provide you with useful tips and important science to help you get the nutrients you need to support your health and the health of those you love.

Enrollment closes on July 1st and space is limited and so this offer is time sensitive. I have personally taken a course with the Vegetarian Health Institute and I learned some helpful tips and recipes and information that continues to help me stay the course. The more you learn the less chances of going back to the old SAD (standard American Diet and lifestyle) that does not encourage healthy habits.

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Have a great 4th of July and make the rest of the year count.

My best to you,


P.S. I hope you get your copy of Guide to Super Raw Foods and share my book with friends and family. I want to get this info out there to help energize people this summer to add in more raw foods. They are so full of fiber, enzymes and nutrients!

You do not have to be an all or nothing raw foodist to enjoy the benefits of adding in more raw foods to your day. You will find that summer is a great time of year to grow some of your own foods and buy locally and support your local organic farmers.

Add in more raw foods

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