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Eat More Raw!
January 01, 2015

Bring in 2015

Happy new year! I hope you are ready to bring in the new year with a plan to make it a great one.

I always keep an on going file of new recipes to try as this helps me from getting bored in my daily routines.

One thing I am working on is adding in more fruits and greens every day. I started this past week just adding more greens and an apple into my morning smoothie. Now I am making an effort to have more greens at lunch and dinner. I have found it is easier to do when I keep them stocked up in the fridge. Yesterday I bought one bunch kale, rainbow chard and a head of romaine lettuce.

Another goal I am working on is to get more active, at least 30 minutes a day. I have been finding it easier than hitting the gym as it has been snowing this week. I am turning that excuse into doing a few yoga poses, some lunges down the hallway, some ab crunches, and a few light weight exercises. It feels great taking action on making the effort to do these activities at home when it is cold outside.

Over the past few months I have been reading some encouraging books that have helped me to take action on setting some goals for myself. Books are a great exercise for the mind and I encourage everyone to pick up a healthy book to learn or inspire you to take action. They don't have to be the latest published book as you can always learn something new from older books too.

Here are a few I have read this past year:

  • "The Rave Diet & Lifestyle" by Mike Anderson
  • "Eat to Live" by Joel Fuhrman, MD
  • "The Lean" by Kathy Freston
  • Each one of these books has inspired me in taking action in my health each and every day. I find that if I continue to read and engage myself in new activities I will continue to make better choices throughout my day to be my best so I can help encourage others. One book or one program does not keep inspiring, you have to keep learning to grow in your health and well being.

    My best tip is to write a list of things you want to do this year. Be specific as an example "I want to lose 10 pounds" instead of I want to lose some weight. Write down ways you are going to achieve this goal. Example: I am going to walk 30 minutes a day and do 30 second plank, and 30 crunches. I am going to add in an apple, banana, greens, green tea, and 5 cups of water every day. What you set your mind to, intention, you will have more successes throughout the year.

    Make 2015 a healthier year by setting your intention to work toward your specific goals. If you don't aim you probably won't get to where you would like to be in the new year.

    My best to you,


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