<>, I live under a rock, I really do but they like me there!

OK, all attempts at humor aside. I talked with the lady who I buy apples from, in an attempt to get HER apples (pictures of them) on my website on the Health Benefits of Apples page. She told me "Thank you for doing something positive for apples." I honestly did not know what she was talking about. Isn't everything about apples totally positive?!

Well they are! She said that sometime last week some famous TV doctor personality said something like "don't drink too much apple juice because it contains arsenic (or what is cyanide?). I don't know!

All I know is that Priscilla said that their cider sales were down because people were not using common sense and THINKING! A TV personality says something that sounds profound and everyone believes it and spreads it like it is the truth.

I just want to encourage you to THINK for yourself, to do research to realize that people have been drinking apple juice and cider for years without dying some terrible death!

Also remember that truth is not determined by majority rule.

You should already know that. If you are convinced of the health benefits of a raw diet, you know that you in in the minority, some people may even think you are weird!

Somehow you came to this conclusion, probably after doing research for yourself. Good for you! Take that attitude and do your own research before believing what by be popular but is totally false.

Maybe some TV health guru need to do more research too!

Keep swimming upstream!

Mary Jane

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