Why do you eat raw? There are several reasons why you have chosen or are considering the raw food diet. The reasons for you may not be my reasons for going raw.

However it is very important that you know WHY you want to eat raw.

For some it is because of health reasons, they want the health benefits of a raw diet.

Others want to avoid potential health problems altogether.

Others want to look younger and have that natural "raw glow".

A few realize that eating raw is good for the planet.

Perhaps your reason <> is actually a mix of several above and maybe something that I did not even mention.

No matter what your reason(s) for eating raw, you need to to know the WHY so that you can stick to your diet when you are tempted to forget it all!

Yes, it happens to the best of us at some point or other.

If you are in a raw food "slump", go back to YOUR why of raw eating.

If you need inspiration, check out the Raw Food Before and After page.

Have a great Monday and a fantastic rest of the week!


Mary Jane

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