<> Today something funny happened to me, so I thought I would share it with you.

The farmer from which I get my apples stopped by today since he had to give me something, I consider him and his wife more an just farmers who help feed my raw food addiction, they both go to my church and they are nice people. Anyway, Jim says to me, "Have you lost weight?" in a wondering tone. (actually was I THAT fat before?!)

I said Yes and then he asked what I was doing to lose weight. Now you have to know that Jim is a big guy, not what I would consider vastly overweight but what do I know?

So I said, "Eating your apples!" He just looked at me dumbfounded. I went on to explain that I was eating raw foods.

Then he said that over the summer he went on a fad diet, one where you have to buy all of their "diet" foods. He said that he actually lost 10 pounds over the summer (wow, me being sarcastic!) but said that he felt terrible and very weak. Not to mention the "food" was terribly expensive. He showed me what he was going to have for lunch, a small perhaps 6 ounces of soup. HE said that he needed to eat the stuff since he bought it. I truly felt bad for him. He is a big guy and he needed something far more that that little thing! I should have given him some of his/my apples!

I never realized how important real and healthy weight loss was to so many people! What I intend to give him is some info on green smoothies. It is my opinion that even if you cannot/choose not to go 100% raw all the time or if you are just starting the raw diet, there is no substitute for daily green smoothies. Just drinking a green smoothie every day will help you to lose weight, quiet your sugar cravings, fill you up, give you energy and even more benefits.

Make a green smoothie a staple in your diet and enjoy the health benefits.


Mary Jane

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