Happy Monday <>,

Hope you had a good weekend! If you are anything like me, Monday seems like a TON of work! The week stretches before us, and the "To Do" list is soooo long! What does not help either is when last week's To Do list is still not done from last week. :(

Now on this your busiest day, I want you to take a moment to consider giving your body a break and taking a rest. NO not today or even tomorrow, but consider it today so that you can add it for you plans for this week.

What I am talking about is FASTING! Yes, you read that right!

When you do a water only fast, don't eat anything but just drink water, you are really giving your body a gift, a day off from digesting all of that good raw and organic food. If you are eating a raw food diet, wonderful! You are giving you body a gift in just doing that. Now fasting is another gift, a day off for your body, a way to cleanse even if it just for the day.

I wrote a whole website about food--raw food and now I am telling you not to eat at all?!

Yes, just sometimes.

Just like you, your inside organs wants a rest. So in your weekly planner even today, consider scheduling a "day off" a water fast.

Your body will thank you!

Warmly, Mary Jane

P.S. Work continues on my e-book about raw food diet meal plans. If YOU have an original, easy raw food recipe you would like to see added to my book, and of course credited to YOU, then just drop me a note via my Contact Page.

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