Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Now if you are eating raw, you may view the traditional celebration of a big roasted turkey with some apprehension!

I totally understand. Today in my e-mail I just got info about some raw vegan local Thanksgiving pot lucks. It seems that some people want to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with a huge raw vegan meal with like minded people.

This is a great idea. If there are no raw potlucks near you, perhaps you can consider starting one yourself. If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, I understand that you guests will expect the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but definitely include some raw dishes for your family to taste and for you to eat.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be able to introduce others to your new way of eating. If you want to really WOW them with raw dishes, here are some resources for you: Pure Market Express offers raw and gourmet dishes delivered to your door! Serve some of their food and Thanksgiving may never be the same, just far better!

If you are in the "cooking" mode and want raw and gourmet, be sure to check out the works of Russell James, the Raw Chef.

No matter what you do this wonderful season, I do wish that you will both eat well and be a good influence to your loved one to also enjoy the wellness that comes from eating a raw food diet.

In Joy!

Mary Jane

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