<> First of all my apologies: I believe that there was a typo when I queued my newsletter for mailing and some of you may have gotten not one, but TWO letters from me yesterday. My computer messed up so I must apologize for it acting up :( Hope you will all forgive me!

I had a question about one of the ads that appeared on my site about flu shots. The vast majority of the ads you see on the site are by Google and I support this site by selling website space to them. I have been able to block some offensive ads but since my site is health related, the Google bots matched flu shots with what I had written.

I am sure that you realize that I don't think flu shots or any other vaccine is health care!

Let me share with you an amusing incident regarding flu shots... The other day my Mother, (she is above 80 years old) went to her Doctor,an MD for a checkup. The Dr. asked her if she wanted a flu shot. Now you must realize the the good man was just doing the job he trained for and I do really like him as a person I just have to disagree with his health views. My Mother politely refused and then stated kindly, "I believe that I have enough poisons in my body already." The Dr. said "Why I got a flu shot!" My Mother sorta indicated that him getting a flu shot was his choice and his body, she did not want one.

The Dr. was quite taken aback with her refusal and went on to explain to her all that could happen if she did not get a flu shot. My Mother quietly listened but still refused the shot. The Dr. then checked her vitals, found nothing wrong and she left. Good for her! I was so proud of her!

Now my Mother does not follow the raw food diet totally. She does enjoy green smoothies and has always been very careful about her health especially regarding diet. I believe that she is in good health today because she has always tried to take care of herself.

After she told me what happened at the Dr's office, I reminded her to put out raw onions in every room that she uses in her house. I heard that simply placing one or two raw onions in a bowel in every room of your house will help to keep the flu away. The onions absorb the flu pathogens.

Some people will take onions to work to put on their desk, in their purse in their car etc. At the end of flu season, just throw the onions away since they will have absorbed the flu pathogens.

Does this work to keep away the flu? I don't know for certain. However I would far rather invest in a bag of onions and eat a high raw diet then risk a flu shot! Raw food even outside your body seems to be of benefit.

To your real health and wellness!

Mary Jane

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