I got this petition in my e-mail several weeks ago and I hesitated to send it to you. It is a petition to the United States government to legalize the sale of raw milk.

The only reason why I hesitated to pass this on to you is that I did not want you to think that I am "using" you for political reasons!

However raw milk is very near to my heart. I think that raw milk and raw milk products are an important part of a raw diet or any diet for that matter.

I would like to see more people to have greater access to raw milk. If you agree with me, here is the link to add your signature to the raw milk petition:


Please if this is important to you, both sign the petition and pass this link on to your emails list to tell the government that we the people want to drink raw milk!

Thank you so much for your help <>

See my page on Raw Milk Benefits here.

Drink Well,

Mary Jane

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