There's a great film that reveals some hard truths about the mainstream heath information we are used to hearing about.

And it gives a solution that is simple, powerful and extremely effective for virtually any health challenge. Yes, I am sure that you guessed it: RAW FOOD!

You can watch the trailer on the page below to learn more about the film:

Raw for 30 Days.

If you know of any friend or family that is a diabetic I think that they would really benefit from watching this film, and this would make a great Christmas gift! Actually this film would be excellent for anyone seeking more info on how a raw diet can help them.

Check out the trailer and after you watch it you may want a copy for yourself. It's less than $15 to get a copy only up until this coming Friday.

Check it out by going here: Raw for 30 Days.

To your health,

Mary Jane

P.S. - The film features some top notch health experts like Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Fred Bisci, Ph.D., and raw food expert David Wolfe… As well as some well known health advocates and celebrities like Woody Harrelson, Morgan Spurlock (from "Super Size Me") and Michael Beckwith (from "The Secret").

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