The Taste that Kills - this grim title has been applied and rightfully so to the common seasoning additive MSG!

I knew that MSG was not good for anyone but recently I read some even more scarier things about it. Among other things, MSG makes you fat!

There is a whole list of problems with MSG among making those who consume it fat. And another problem is that it is in just about everything that is processed!

Want to read more about MSG and that it makes you fat, follow this link... The good news is that raw food is pure food! It nourishes our bodies and causes us to live and thrive, not get sick and die.

I hope that knowing what you are avoiding by your raw diet is encouraging to you. Keep up the great work by being raw!

Need some more raw inspiration in the area of weight loss?

See Raw Food Diet Weight Loss! Feel free to add your raw weight loss story.


Mary Jane

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