As you know I am in the process of writing an e-book that involves raw food diet meal plans. One of the topics that I intend to address the strategies of starting a raw food diet.

When talking to people about "raw" the most obvious question is "what is there to eat?" Panic sets in! Hey, I know this, I was there! That is why I feel that I can effectively share with others. I will admit but I was scared for myself when I first started to experiment with eating a majority of raw foods.

Here is one way to transition yourself into eating raw foods if you don't want to, or believe that you cannot go "raw cold turkey"(that last phrase just doesn't sound right!).

Here is my transition to raw food plan:

Week 1 - Eat vegetation/vegan.

Week 2 - Start your day with a green smoothie. while continuing to eat vegetation/vegan.

Week 3 - Make one meal either lunch or dinner of fresh juices and raw food bars. You are not having a green smoothie for breakfast and one meal of fresh juice and raw food bars and your last meal without meal, even if it is cooked vegetables.

Week 4 - Eat all raw. You have successfully added your green smoothie to your day, you have experimented with fresh juices, you like raw food bars, now you can totally transition into eating all raw!


Now I have on my long term "to do" list to redo the page Starting a Raw Food Diet! To your raw food cooking pleasure!

Mary Jane

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