Did you ever hear about kombucha tea? No, it is not a super plant where you brew tea from its leaves. Kombucha tea is simply fermented tea and since it is fermented it is a "living" food and for some imparts not only a great taste but also some excellent health benefits.

At first when I was introduced to kombucha tea and knew that it involved both regular black tea and WHITE SUGAR, I was horrified that health conscious people actually CONSIDERED it! It took awhile for me to accept the fact that it may be OK for you!

Now I embrace the concept, thanks to the knowledge and actions of the SCOBY. Now if you don't know what a SCOBY is....that is fine, just go to Kombucha Recipe and learn. If you are familiar with Kombucha tea, please join in a write something about it.

Personally I am new to this so your input is valuable to all of my readers. Thank you in advance.


Mary Jane

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