One of the many health benefits of eating raw is that you eyes benefit. I don't know about you but my eyesight is very valuable to me and if I don't ever have to, I don't want the hassle of any type of corrective lens.

I personally noticed that after I started to drink my green smoothies that my eyes seemed better! I loved it! Since I spend lots of time in front of a computer screen, my eyes need all the support that I can give them, so... more green smoothies.

After this I was contacted by a person who wanted to write a guest post for me about raw food and it's relationship to our eyes. Read her guest post: Improve Eyesight Naturally WIth Raw Foods.

I thought her article was very good, (or else I would not have put it on my site!)Now she did not mention green smoothies... maybe green smoothies are only for people like you and me, serious raw foodists!

<>, I do hope this encourages you in your raw eating today!

To your good eyesight,

Mary Jane

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