<>, I got this e-mail from Jinjee Talifero advertising her Garden Diet Raw Food Program. I interviewed Jinjee and you can read my interview with her at Raw Food Cleanse. Here is a portion of her advertisement about the Garden Diet:

What is The Healthiest Way to Go Raw?

With all the raw diets out there I'm sure you've wondered "what is the healthiest way to go raw"?

There are raw diets out there that require you to spend hours in the kitchen sprouting, processing, dehydrating, and plating complicated recipes designed to taste like cooked foods but missing the mark by miles!

There are other raw diet programs on which you have to live on liquids or miserly portions of just fruits or just greens for weeks on end.

But if you want to lose 15 - 25 pounds in 28 days -- while eating super healthy raw foods -- there's an amazingly delicious, balanced, fresh, and proven raw food Program starting Monday October 31st that I think is well worth checking out!

It's The Garden Diet 28-Day Transition-To-Raw Program by Storm and Jinjee Talifero and it has three parts:

1) A 28 day menu plan with 3 healthy raw food recipes a day and corresponding shopping lists to make your transition to a raw lifestyle easy!

2) Fat-burning workouts by certified yoga instructor Julie Pitcher - delivered via online videos to help you go raw without experiencing uncomfortable detox symptoms.

3) Unique journal exercises to cultivate happiness and emotional well-being, designed by Jinjee to help you through the emotional detox that often comes up when you make healthy changes to your diet.

The Garden Diet will help you…

- Look your best at any age. A healthy glow and inner joy is a beauty that transcends age.

- Attain your perfect weight (when you eat natural foods you return to your natural weight. If you need to gain weight, you will. If you need to lose weight, you will do that very quickly!)

- Feel amazing every day (you may never actually have experienced the incredible feeling of vital health before -- something everyone deserves to experience in their lifetime!)

- Be fully nourished and have no cravings for sub-standard foods (when you have sufficient nutrients, your body stops craving food and you feel truly satisfied! This is another feeling that most people have never actually felt in their whole life!)

- Be free of nutrient deficiencies (so your body can function at its optimum in every way)

- Eat an economical diet

- Have a healthy family

- Feel a deep and pervasive sense of happiness (Many people find they no longer need anti-depressants after going raw. Chemical flavor enhancers in most processed and packaged food is a form of MSG that can cause depression in many people)

- Experience wholeness (It is such an amazing feeling that it makes it easy to stay on the 100% fresh-raw path!)

- Enjoy peak health (even in to your '60's and '70's. In an un-natural world, the natural man appears supernatural)

- Feel good about yourself (When you eat the foods you were intended to eat, your life just works better! It's amazing!)

- Be attractive to your mate (It is easier to be more loving when you feel attractive and happy)

- Eat a diet that is in harmony with the planet (Not surprisingly what is good for us is also good for the planet. We are made from the same stuffs after all)

- Eat a diet that does no harm (When you switch to a raw vegan diet, the planet breathes a sigh of relief. You are helping to end factory farming and chemical agriculture through voting with your dollars, the most effective way to vote in my humble opinion)

- Have an abundance of energy (Chronic fatigue will be a thing of the past, you'll need less sleep than ever before)

- Feel vibrant, vital, excited and fully alive

- Enjoy regular exercise and joy of movement (Exercise will no longer be a chore, as you'll want to move for the sheer joy of being in your body)

- Have balanced emotions, emotional poise

- Enjoy mental clarity and eliminate brain fog

- Be more of who you really are (When you are healthy, when you are whole, you get to really experience and know yourself; your thoughts, your desires, your needs, your creativity. Your unique personality shines)

- Tune in to your inner guidance (Raw food can awaken intuition in all things, starting with the inner knowing of what your body really needs)

The Garden Diet Programs include a balanced fresh-food approach to the raw vegan plant-based diet that allows you to….

- lose weight - go raw safely and easily with expert guidance - go raw without experiencing uncomfortable detox symptoms - go raw and stay raw with no cravings - get through emotional detox with online support - get through or even avoid physical detox symptoms (detox crisis) - heal from disease - achieve maximum health - become your most beautiful - enjoy glowing skin, hair and nails - see your eyes become bright and clear - look like a fitness model - see your skin tone become more youthful - experience longevity and anti-aging - feast on easy and delicious plant-based recipes - enjoy following a balanced, nutritious and satisfying raw diet menu plan

The raw food diet was voted by a panel of 11 doctors as one of the 3 safest diets in the world (even if you have diabetes, or you're nursing or pregnant).

There are many raw diets out there, but there is no other raw diet that was designed by a 61 year old 40-year raw veteran who has been eating raw for longer than most raw educators have been alive! Meet Storm, the creator of The Garden Diet on the 28 Days Raw website link below and you'll be amazed!

Storm is a phenomenon of anti-aging and raw athleticism. The truth is that we are supposed to live to be 150 years old in good shape, and die by spiritual transcendence. Tests on lab rats showed that rats that were fed 1/3 less lived 1/3 longer. 1/3 longer than the ripe old human age of about 100 would be about 150 years. Also, mammals generally live three times as long as their child-bearing years. Menopause comes to the human woman at around 50 years of age. Multiply this number by three to come up with the number of years we should be living. That's right: 150 years.

So, why are our lives cut painfully short? What is going wrong in our society as a whole? Why are people dying of horrible diseases on such a massive epidemic level that everybody just thinks it is normal? -- It is because we cook our food! All you need to know to avoid all this drama is "don't put your food in the fire". Heat degenerates nutrients. It's simple science. Would you like your food with or without the nutrients?

The truth is that fresh fruits and vegetables contain life force, a mysterious force that humankind has no idea how to manufacture. It is beyond a physical force. It is also a spiritual force. Fresh fruits and vegetables nourish mind, body and spirit. They nourish the whole being. Wholeness is the root word from which the word health was derived.

Life Force Foods The only foods you need, the foods that contain life force energy and have the power to nourish you, heal you, cleanse you and energize you, are:

- fruits - vegetables - dark leafy greens - sprouts - soaked nuts - soaked seeds

Extras - Some raw vegan foods that are not essential and not as pure as the whole foods above are:

- Raw ice cream from frozen fruit - Unsoaked nuts and seeds - Nutbutters and seedbutters - Soaked/Sprouted legumes - Cold-pressed Olive Oil - Cold-pressed Flax Oil - Cold-pressed Hemp Oil - Raw Unfiltered Honey - Raw Carob powder - Sun-dried Tomatos - Sun-dried Seaweed - Celtic Sea Salt - Dried Herbs - Herbal Teas - Herbs - Dates - Raisins - Prunes

Some people may have sensitivities to some of these foods. As you become healthier on the raw vegan diet you may begin to totally tolerate more of these raw food extras and condiments even if you don't at first.

Recipes which can be created using the above Life Force Foods and some of the extras, include:

- Smoothies - Green smoothies - Juices - Soups - Salads - Wraps - Nutmilks - Nut cheeses - Sauces - Salad Dressings - Dips - Patées - Sushi - Desserts - Entrées …and much more…

You don't need our Programs to go raw, but if you feel you would be much more likely to go raw successfully with experienced guidance, delicious recipes, and a menu plan and shopping lists to make your raw transition easier, then doing the 28 Day Raw Program could be the best thing you'll ever do for your health.

The upcoming program starts on 10/31 - that's just a week from this coming Monday! - so click below now to check it out now. The before-and-after pictures on the site are pretty amazing.

The Program encompasses Thanksgiving, so there is a special free gift that comes with this session; a 5-part video series featuring a 5-course raw vegan Thanksgiving feast!

Finally, don't be scared off by the dollar value of each module. At the bottom of the page, you'll find a super-low early bird special -- which is good until midnight Friday 10/28. It's just a tiny fraction of the total value.

Click here to find out more:

The Garden Diet

Editor's Note: One thing that I really like about the Garden Diet is that it is a one time, lifetime fee. So if you sign up and can't finish the program, you are automatically renewed for the next time. This is great too if you just need a "review"


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