<> Just about an hour ago, I was hungry. I am sitting at my computer and doing research or (was I Twittering?) and my body needed food. So I found an apple, cut it up and snacked while I was working. I eat a lot of raw foods while I am at the computer.

Now that brings me to my topic: Dealing with cravings...

I saw the other day in a raw food forum that someone was craving bread. So I answered and suggested that when they crave bread that they should instead eat a starching fruit. I suggested bananas. They are high in both natural sugar and starch, which is similar to bread.

Another way to combat your cravings is to always have something that you love and that is raw. One of my favorites are raw food bars. They give me a "cookie" texture and taste delicious.

Another raw goodie to help with cravings is raw candy. Experiment by mixing together raw honey, raw carob powder and raw tahini together. You want to achieve a fudge like consistency. Roll in your favorite chopped nuts and have this ready the next time your "chocolate tooth" starts to bother you! Enjoy!

Mary Jane

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