<>, I am in the process of writing and building a page all about the benefits of carrots. As soon as that is done, I will let you have the first peek at it.

Whenever I research a certain food, then it makes me want to eat more of that food since it reminded me how much good I am doing for my body. Carrots were no exception.

I always knew that carrots were good for you, you probably knew, and rightly so that carrots were good for your eyes. Like someone once said, "How many rabbits have you seen wearing glasses?" Actually my pet bunny does NOT like carrots! I hope she changes her mind so I don't have to get her glasses.

Anyway what struck me with my carrot research was the benefits of carrot JUICE. So after I got most of the page done, I went to the kitchen and juiced an entire bag of organic carrots, and added the juice of an apple. It was so good! Later I thought about it and wished for a piece of ginger to have added to it too.

The reason why I wanted carrot juice was that it really makes you look good, on the outside! I have heard of acne scars disappearing, and gray/while hairs regaining its natural color after drinking carrot juice, 3+ glasses a day for several weeks. It is also good your digestive organs.

Carrots are good keepers, easy to find and not expensive. To buy lots of carrots, contact a local farmer to see if you buy carrots by the case. After reading about the goodness of carrots, I think that I will treat them like oranges, buy lots and juice them. Hmmm, adding the juice of an orange or two to my 16 oz of carrot juice, that sounds good too!

I add the carrot pulp to my doggies food and maybe just maybe Little Bunny may like the pulp. Have to try her on that. All for right now

Juice WELL!

Mary Jane

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