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So since you have accepted my apologies, on with the news from the world of raw...

The first website that I wrote was all about natural supplements. One of the supplements that I profiled was simply water. Water is so important for your overall health, no matter what you are eating.

Now not all water is the same. I wrote about water here Bottled Water vs Tap Water. The conclusion is that not only should you be drinking several glasses of water daily, the water you drink and add to your food and yes, even cook with, needs to be as clean as possible.

The water that goes into your body needs to be as pure as possible since you are washing, bathing and nourishing every cell in your body. You obviously want the very best for your body so that it will be working optimally, so give yourself the give of the cleanest, purest, water available, even if you have to filter it yourself.

For naturally filtered water near you here is an interesting website: FindaSpring.com. This will direct you to natural water springs throughout the world. Hope there is one near you since this is believe is the best source for clean safe health drinking water. Drink Well,

Mary Jane

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