I have been thinking about honey lately. Maybe because my Father was a bee keep that I have a sweet spot (pardon the pun) in my heart for honey.

So I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you some sweet honey thoughts.

Honey is the only substance made by an insect that humans consume.

As with anything else when you buy honey you want only the best. However when it comes to shopping for honey, it is not that easy.

Many years ago I heard, and since then it has been validated by my reading and research, that honey can be bottled and sold with the label 100% pure honey when there is a certain percentage of other sweeteners added so in your 100% pure honey bottle you may be actually eating sugar water, high fructose corn syrup or any other sweetener you may want to avoid.

To stop this locate a local bee keeper and ask for raw, unheated, even un-strained natural honey.

Most honey is heated to separate the beeswax from the actual honey. This results in a clear golden product. But we <> prefer as much as possible things to be raw and real. So just another reason to talk to your local bee keeper.

I have had honey so raw and natural that there was a disclaimer on the label saying that there may even be bee parts in the honey! Instead of grossing me out, I was happy because I felt that finally I located a source of pure raw honey.

There are so many different kinds or "flavors" of honey. All this means is the flowers that the bees to to collect the pollen to produce the honey. Each type of fresulting honey .

Then there is the joke of "organic honey". I really did not realize this was a issue until I was sharing some honey thoughts with my one friend. She said, "The label says "Organic Honey". I almost burst out laughing!

The reason being is that we don't live in an organic world. The bees go many miles to collect the pollen. They don't know the difference between organic flowers or sprayed flowers. Honestly, there is no such thing a "organic honey". Save your honey money for your bee keeper!

To learn more about honey and health, check out the benefits of eating honey.

To your wellness!

Mary Jane

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