Today I sent my hubby Joe for APPLES! For right now, apples are my favorite raw fruit! It and VERY BEST PRODUCE! Right now it is APPLES. They have such wonderful varieties as the old fashioned Smokehouse, the classics: Macintosh, Cortland, the pretty Galas, the Delicious varieties and so on...

Apples are a wonderful fruit. Here are just a few of the many benefits of apples:

good for your digestion

full of fiber

helps your body release toxins

and many other wellness benefits.

An easy way to enjoy raw apples is to make applesauce, raw applesauce that is!

All you have to do is to core a few apples, put them in your blender, add just enough liquid to make the blender run and ...raw applesauce!

Top this with a drizzle of honey, cinnamon and even raisins and enjoy!

As for the apple cores, I feed them to my doggies. Apple seeds in particular are excellent for your health. They contain a substance known as Vitamin B17. I don't have the time to go into all of the health benefits of this now, but trust me, it is GOOD for you.

You can make your very own not-pasteurized cider too. Cider is not a raw food since it has been pasteurized sometimes with heat and other times with ultraviolet. even with ultraviolet life. In the words of Prissy about her cider, "All the good stuff is killed." So I make my own!

All I do is run the apples thorough my juicer and drink! Yay!!!

Technically "apple juice" is make from cooked apples, cider is made for raw pressed apples.

Now if you want my recommendation on the very best juicer for apples, carrots, almond milk and just about any other fruit or vegetable see

What is the Best Juicer page.

To the CRUNCH of an apple,

Mary Jane

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