I have been very very busy. As I write this to you <>, my wonderful editor/husband Joe is editing what I hope will be a very beneficial resource for you and your raw diet. Yes, myself and a friend of mine decided to write a book of raw food recipes that are simple and tasty. So that is what I have been doing lately in the kitchen, experimenting and taste-testing. I created a totally raw pizza recipe yesterday.... if and when I share the recipe with you hopefully via the book, it will have been changed a bit!

Anyway, back to my subject of "Tis the Season..." It is now spring in my part of the world and with the close of winter the goodness of fresh local produce starts! No matter where you are in your raw food eating, the dawn of spring and summer opens up more and more raw goodies for you to enjoy! It is far easier to eat raw during the spring and summer months than it is in the fall and winter.

With that in mind let me encourage you to as much as possible eat to buy, support and eat only organic and non-GMO produce. I wrote a series of webpages just on explaining the benefits of organic raw food.

Do check out the information and educate yourself. If you have chosen the raw food diet to enhance your wellness, eat organic go the next step to better wellness.

In the meantime.... if you have any raw pizza ideas.... let me know!

Eat Well...

Mary Jane

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